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I know, 2 years ago when i was heavy into lifting, i was 220 10% eating 3-4k cals a day, i'm aiming for 2800 right now but its really tough with work, i'm a police officer so i really don't have time to eat like i need to, basically i wake up at 630 with my son, and eat around 1000-1200 cals from 7am till 230 pm then i have to go to work, where i manage 200-400 the rest of the day, its pretty damn tough. I'm not even trying to cut, i'm at like 185 right now, lightest i've been since i was like 17 lol.
yea i hear you on the time, luckly for me i have a sit down laid back job where i can eat netime i want but of course me i have to force myself to eat, You live in philly?