Squat today, was set to 1RM 330, i had to either try 325 or 335, i didn't have the right weight combo to make exactly 330.

Warm ups:

Bar x 8

135 x 8

225 x 1

275 x 1

Work Set:

325 x 0 ( i went down wayyy too slow and then went wayyy too deep, couldn't get out of the hole)

325 x 1 ( PR + 10)

325 x 1

325 x 1

Core Work:

Hanging crunch x 20/x15/x10

* i've decided to not count my PR's without approval of the majority of WBB members, i'll be posting videos of all PR's. I was only set to take 325 out for a 1RM for the day but after bombing, i knew i had the strength, just had to speed the descend and don't sink too low. After watching the first video i wasn't 100% sure if it was a good depth, same with second, and third.... I'll post the videos tomorrow, they're soo close that i really don't know what to expect. It's not the weight issue, i know i have 330+ in me, i think dumping the 325 the first time put some fear in me, i haven't really acquired a belt yet. My old belt i left at my old lifting partners house, it's obsolete anyhow