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Thread: pain in my shoulders

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    pain in my shoulders

    Que 1. I do Seated Dumbbell Press (45 lbs), Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises and Front Dumbbell Raises both at 20lbs. Everything goes well at the gym.
    BUT whenever I just move my arms sideways (like db lateral raises) without any weight I feel pain in my shoulderd. Right then if I pick some weight and do laterals it would go fine but not free weight. I dont face this with any other shoulder exercise.
    It happens only with lateral raises.

    Any one faced this?

    Que 2. Shoulders have always been my week spot. General opinion from people is that I should pay more attention to that specific part when I ask them how to make that part big. What does it mean to pay "more attention"--is it more sets? heavy sets? 2 days per week on shoulders? low reps heavy wt? or heavy wt low reps. Or I just keep going on with WBB2.

    Right now I am on WBB2. It seems to work well for me but relatively my shoulders dont stand out as my chest or bi's or tri's.

    Suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Not sure that I understand question 2.

    But for question 1. You might want to try some rotator cuff specific exercises. Sounds like it might be a rotator cuff problem. I used to have a similar problem when doing chin-ups.

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    I think you're using too much weight on your laterals. Almost of your pressing weight. Save the heavy stuff for presses and do your laterals and rotator cuff work with a weight that you can do the movement in control without momentum.


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