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Thread: 2 board translation to straight weight

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    2 board translation to straight weight

    I've been training for the last 2 months with board presses on my ME day, RAW. I plan on doing a straight weight max at the end of February to see how I am progressing. I hit a 450 single off a 2 board recently that felt really good. I am looking for suggestions on what I should shoot for without the boards. I was thinking 430-435 range. Does this sound about right? I usually do good getting the weight off my chest, my sticking point is usually about where the 2 board comes into play, midway to 3/4 lockout.
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    Its hard to know what to expect when you drop brds. I drop about 25-30 pounds every brd I drop, but you may be different. Its all depending on your strengths. I would venture a guess in the 405-425 range
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    My previous best was 425. I can triple 405. I guess best way to find out is just do it and see what happens.
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    Just keep warming up with 50lb jumps to the chest until you hit 400. Then make smart jumps from there. Don't put a number in your head. Just lift.

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    I'm not the expert bencher, for sure, but as with any lift, if I feel good, I just keep adding weight without a number in my head.
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    it's hard to say, everyone is different, depending on your strong/weak points.

    warm up and start with 400 off the chest, then 430 which would be a pr for you, then depending on how that feels keep upping the weight in small increments till you miss.

    I know lifters that think if they hit a 2 board, at say 400, then do a meet and do 430, then next time if they do a 410 2 board that means they will do 440 at the meet. seems logical , but doesn't always work this way. there is only one way to find out!

    good luck let us know what you end up with!


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