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Thread: Just a few questions to start off.

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    Just a few questions to start off.

    Ok, I just intro'ed myself on the new member section and now time for the question storm to start. I have been lifting for many years on my own with no help only going by watching others and reading articles and have never done it seriously. Well, at the age of 35 I have finally decided to get serious.I am 5'9", 230lbs., and I am just a little above average on muscle not much but a little.
    My goal is not to be cut or ripped (not yet anyway, see how it goes)but the build I am after now I can only describe is with an example which is Paul Sr. of O.C.C. basicly trying to build muscle mass. But my first question is no matter how often I lift, I mean even after weeks of lifting I almost always get sorefor the next couple days, is this normal or am I trying to lift to much?
    Because if I lighten the weights to where I am not sore the next day it doesn't seem if I am doing enough, the weights is to easy and I am doing more reps then I want. Anyway that is my first question with many more to come I am sure. I'll stop there for now cause this is gettin kinda long.
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    Sorry to answer with all questions but I would need a little more info before I can make any kind of effective recommendation.

    1. What kind of training are you doing?
    2. How long are you in the gym for?
    3. What is your bodypart split?
    4. What exercises are you combining?
    5. Do you take any pre-workout or post-workout supplements?
    6. How is your diet?
    7. How is your protein intake?
    8. Do you sleep enough?

    If you can provide some additional details maybe we can tweak something with your program to help you achieve your goals and combat the soreness issues.
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    No prob.
    1. Don't know what to call it but weightlifting freeweights.
    (kinda dumb on technical terms)
    2.In the gym for 1 hour a day.
    3.nothin solid written in stone but
    mon. chest & back
    tues. legs & some forearm ( feel like I have weak wrists)
    wed. bi's & tri's
    thurs. core
    fri. shoulders and traps
    4.mon. bench work, rows, cable machines
    tues. leg press, calf raises, forearm curls free weight, same cable (better form for me with cable)
    weds. curls-preacher, hammer, and one I saw on internet like a close body curl with palms facing down, skull crushers, cable
    for tri's
    thurs. deadlift, sqwats
    fri. military press, dumbbell shoulder work(not sure what they are called and a cable machine for shoulders, shrugs- with
    weights, shrug dips is kinda what I call them.
    basically 2 muscle groups a day with 3 exercises per muscle group, like three different lifts for bi's and three different for tri's.
    5. no, I take no supplements, all natural I guess you could say.
    6. I try and watch what I eat try not to eat just anything in front of me. Lost almost 100 pounds a few years ago and obviuosly gained some back.
    7. I try and take in as much protein as I can I don't measure or count it but I also don't think I am getting enough, just going but what I have read.
    8. sleep I get as much as I can with 2 kids and a wife that works 2nd shift and end up talking to her for an hour or so before I go to sleep. so between 6-7 hours a night.

    Sorry if my answers to your questions are not what you are looking for I will try and answer them the best I can.

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    No help for the newb?

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