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Thread: BJJ Strength Training

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    BJJ Strength Training

    Right now I am currently 16 years old, 5'9 and 135 pounds. I am pretty strong for my age but I can't seem to find any workouts that help me out with my problem. Please if you could post a workout routine that will help me on the mat that would be greatly appreciated. I realize that the only way to get better at BJJ is to get in there and roll and I do that but I would like to get some workouts that can help me while I'm in the weight room. I DO NOT want to get any bigger. I am happy where I am and I am trying to get to a weight of 125. I've been there before but I just kinda let myself go lately.

    Thank you and have a nice day. =)

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    Dude you wouldnt even be able to fight bantamweight at 125.

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    our height and weight are exactly the same and i can say the same for myself that i am very strong for my size but im in the process of gaining muscle mass and getting bigger. im shooting for around 145lbs as my first goal. anyways i'd suggest gaining size and muscle mass because at 135lbs theres no where in bjj or mma to compete.

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    The lowest weight class in BJJ competitions is 140 i believe... you can roll at bigger competitions that are going to draw a crowd where they can fill the weight classes..
    Finding such a meet is much harder unless you're skill is pretty hard.

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    I would focus on the major lifts if I were you. Squats, dead lifts, bench, power cleans, chin-ups, etc. I train BJJ as well, the major lifts will benefit you a great deal when it comes to controlling an opponent.


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