So I hurt my left shoulder in the gym yesterday. I did 3 sets of 240 x 5 on bench press. I felt fine. Did 3 sets of 260 x 5 on squats. I felt fine. Put on 205 for close grip bench, unloaded the weight, touched my chest and it just hurt bad for some reason. Feels a little loose...kind of like how my right shoulder felt all through my collegiate baseball career. Anyway, I do not think I am severely injured, however I am definitely stopping all pressing for at least a month and maybe longer. I do not want to risk it over a dumb exercise like the bench press.

I figured this was a good opportunity to really focus on my back and I designed a workout around the baby got back routine and starting strength. Pulling motions do not hurt my shoulders, only pushing. Anyway here it is...I wasnt really sure about wednesday so I threw bicep curls in there just to have something to do. If theres something better I can do, please let me know..

Day One, Legs and Horizontal Pull for back
Squats (3 sets of 5)
Bent Over BB rows (pronated) (3 sets of 5)
T-Bar rows (supinated) (3 sets of 8)

Day Two, Legs and Tris/Bis
Deadlifts (3 sets of 5)
Tricep Extension (4 sets of 5) --this work here replaces my tricep work from bench press, thats why it is heavier
Bicep DB curls (Supinated) (2 sets of 8)
Bicep DB Curls (Semi-supinated) (2 sets of 8)
Possibly good mornings?

Day Three, Legs and Vertical Pull for back
Squats (3 sets of 5)
Pullups (3 sets of 5)
Chinups (3 sets of 5)