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    New Year, New Goals

    Hi everyone,

    Been on here for a while, but I've given myself some new goals and feel I need some help in achieving them! I'm 20 years old, 6'-6'1" tall, ~161lbs and been lifting for about a year but only seriously for about 6months ish. My big three look like this:

    Bench: 176.4lbs x 5
    Squat: 187.4lbs x 2
    Deadlift: 286.7lbs x 3

    My squat is terrible and is less just now than above, I've had a ankle problem for about 1 month and haven't been able to squat, it's got a lot better though and should be back squatting next week.

    I'm going on holiday on September 29th and want to try get in good shape for then. I'm looking for a new routine, something quite simple I think, which will allow me to put on some mass. I'm looking at gaining 20lbs for now, which for me is a lot!

    I've also ran out of weight gainer. I had been using Cytogainer and was planning on getting some more of that, anyone have opinions on this? Also thinking of getting some sort of creatine/energy boosting suppliment, anyone have any suggestions?

    Edit: I've also decided to try and learn breakdancing, which requires a lot of bodyweight exercises, such as handstands, balancing on one hand etc... Is this still possible to do while gaining mass?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Nothing maxed yet!

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