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Thread: Advice, I need a lot of it :-) !!!

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    Hey to all you guys (and girls) reading this, it's my very first post so I hope it's a good one :-) .

    I've been bodybuilding for a year now and I'm really amazed of the results I've gotten.
    Recently I started a new routine I think a lot of you know about (the legs, push, pull routine).

    Now I would like to know if I did a good job at making this routine. Tips and advice are very welcome.

    a description of my routine :

    Tuesday (leg day)
    - squats
    - 15 x squat
    - 12 x squat
    - 10 x squat
    - 8 x squat
    - leg press
    - 15 x leg press
    - 12 x leg press
    - 10 x leg press
    - 8 x leg press
    - leg extension
    - 15 x leg extension
    - 12 x leg extension
    - 10 x leg extension
    - 8 x leg extension
    - leg curl
    - 15 x leg curl
    - 12 x leg curl
    - 10 x leg curl
    - 8 x leg curl

    Thursday (push day)
    - flat bench press
    - 10 x bench press
    - 8 x bench press
    - 6 x bench press
    - 4 x bench press
    - incline dumbbell press
    - 10 x db press
    - 8 x db press
    - 6 x db press
    - 4 x db press
    - dumbbell flyes
    - 10 x flyes
    - 8 x flyes
    - 6 x flyes
    - dumbbell neck press
    - 10 x neck press
    - 8 x neck press
    - 6 x neck press
    - 4 x neck press
    - french press
    - 10 x french press
    - 8 x french press
    - 6 x french press
    - 4 x french press
    - cable push down
    - 10 x cpd
    - 8 x cpd
    - 6 x cpd

    Saturday (pull day)
    - front lat pull
    - 10 x flp
    - 8 x flp
    - 6 x flp
    - 4 x flp
    - upright rows
    - 10 x ur
    - 8 x ur
    - 6 x ur
    - 4 x ur
    - seated rows
    - 10 x sr
    - 8 x sr
    - 6 x sr
    - 4 x sr
    - shrugs
    - 10 x shrugs
    - 8 x shrugs
    - 6 x shrugs
    - barbell curls
    - 10 x bc
    - 8 x bc
    - 6 x bc
    - 4 x bc
    - dumbbell curls
    - 8 x dc
    - 6 x dc
    - 4 x dc

    OK thats about it :-) (finally). One of my first questions is am I overtraining on this routine ??
    note : the 10 reps are seen as warmups to me :-) (not on leg day though)

    Hope to get some help here
    Bleed iron and sweat blood

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    why do you do upright rows before seted rows?

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    Cut it in half and call me in a month.

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    Originally posted by body
    why do you do upright rows before seted rows?
    It doesn't really matter which you do first. Why would it?

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    I don't even see how it is possible to do anything after those sets of squats if you are training with the right intensity. I would follow Chris Mason's advice, and maybe even cut more than half. Another suggestion would be to cut down on some of the rows and lat pulldowns and sub in chins. get the big compound exercises in there. peace.
    That said, look at Chase. He is bigger than Arnold was at the same age. Now, he doesn't quite have the Arnold shape, but for pure muscle mass he has more.
    -Chris Mason talking about BCC, but its all mine now.

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    The reason they are saying that it is too much is because you have too many sets. This means in order to do all of them you can't give each one full out intensity. You will always be holding back. If you cut down the sets you will also be able to track your progress much better. I have been doing a 2 day push pull split the past month and like it as much as the one you are doing now. I'd consider doing it if I were you.


    All exercises 2 sets of 8,6


    -Incline Barbell Bench press
    -Flat Bench press


    -Overhead press

    (I lean back a tad because it feels more comfortable, works my traps as well, and I feel I bring more muscle groups into play. I don't lean back too far just a bit).

    -1 set of 10 seated side laterals
    -1 set of 10 bent over laterals for my rear shoulders


    -E-Z Bar Bench Bench press (close grip)
    -Upright Dips


    -squat press (machine)



    -weighted chinups
    -1 arm rows (I wish I could do them with a barbell but I can't get my form right)
    -seated pulley rows


    -barbell curl
    -1 set of hammer curls


    -Stiff legged deadlifts
    -leg Curls


    -standing calf raises 4 sets
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    thanks you guys for the good advice I think I'm gonna get rid of some exess sets and see how it feels.

    really appreciate it
    Bleed iron and sweat blood

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    MuscleAuthority - upright rows put a lot more emphasis on the top of the trap over the lats so ehxuasting the traps will weaken your lift for the seated rows. when after the seated rows you can do either shrugs or then the upright rows when your lats have been blitzed as upright row are more isolating the seated rows which is a far bigger compound movement.

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