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Thread: Lil help?

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    Lil help?

    I am 5'10" and 215 pounds. Bench 325, but only curl 120, and I also can squat 350 pounds (which i realize is very low compared to my bench, I know I am top heavy). I heard somewhere that you should be able to curl half of what you this accurate? Also, can anyone tell me any exercises that I could do with a bench and an easy curl bar? I have been lifting on and off for about 3 years now and am just looking for any constructive advice anyone is willing to give..

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    Not sure who gave you that ratio of bench to curl but the two lifts are unrelated so there is no relationship between the two lifts. Generally speaking it wouldn't be uncommon for an advanced lifter to be able to curl half the weight that they could bench press without being a specialist in either based on numbers that I have seen posted.

    Exercises that you can do with a bar and a bench:
    - Rows
    - Standing Military Press
    - Close Grip Bench
    - Skull Crushers
    - Barbell Curls
    - Sitff Leg Deadlifts
    - Walking Lunges
    - Barbell front raises
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    Thanks man, I think I got that ratio from someone talking about having a balanced body type. Do you know of anything that may get my bench up a little more? I am 215, but im probably 20 pounds overweight, so I would like to lift a little more (just to feel better more than anything else). Any other advice would be great as well..

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    if youre 195 of lean and benching 325 and curling 150 as a bodybuilder, chances are youre already doing things right.

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