My bench has been going up really slow and I've been struggling to get a 3x5 at 185 for the last week and a half. Before that I struggled at 180 for a week and a half. So, my bench is going up much more slowly than my squats and deads.

I have added some skull crushers the last two weeks so those could be the answser to my question.

Last bench (on Friday) I did 185 for 5 reps, 4 reps, and 3 reps. And I struggled to get those.

Today, I hit 5 reps for all three sets and they were easy. Didn't struggle to get the last reps up in any of the sets. Trying to head off the "this is a dumb post because you hit 5.4.3 last week and 5,5,5 this week - big deal" response. I agree, it wouldn't be a big deal except for how easy the 3x5 went up compared to how much I struggled with all my might to get 5,4,3 last week.

Today I lifed at a 24 hour fitness. I have been lifting at home for the last 2+ months. The benches at the 24 hour fitness are at least 6 inches lower to the ground than my home bench.

My hamstring cramped up on the last couple of reps for the last two sets. However, not sure if that is a factor or not because I played basketball for an hour earlier in the day and I haven't played basketball in forever so I'm assuming the cramp was from that and the fact that I squatted just before doing the bench. However, it did make me wonder if the lower bench let me use my legs more. I kept my *** on the bench but of course arched the back as usual.

I'm 6'3" tall so I can easily get my feet flat on the floor with my taller bench at home.

Anways, that's a lot of info but just wanted to give it all in case it helps your response. I'm asking because if a lower bench is going to help this much I'll buy a lower bench for home. But I'm not sure if it was the bench height. Maybe I just had a good day. Maybe the tri work finally kicked in. Also, the bar today was thicker than my bar at home so maybe that worked.

What do you think, did the lower bench help?