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Thread: Pyramid Routines with Supersets

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    Pyramid Routines with Supersets

    What are your thoughts on pyramid routines and doing 4 supersets along with it?
    I met a guy last night at the gym who was pretty massive. He said he does a pyramid routine where He starts out with the weight from his previous workout and shoots for 16 reps after his reps he does the other supersets and then does situps or abs as a resting period and goes back to the first superset and does 10 reps with 5 more lbs added, then does the other supersets again, does situps and shoots for 5 reps with 5 more pounds added. after that last set, that weight he finished with, is his first rep of next workout. He does this for all of his 4 supersets. He showed me his log and he made some impressive gains. He said he doesnt always make the reps but the way he does it makes him see some good gains.

    I know that kind of training isnt for powerlifting and I really dont want to be a powerlifter anyway, so would something like that be a good choice for increased muscle size and hypertrophy?
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    Sounds ******ed to me. Listening to "TEH HYOOGGEEE" guy in the gym is a stupid way to get good training advice.

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    Remember, everybody is different. A friend of mine says the same thing - the only way to get big is supersets and giant sets......for him. I did it for several years with minimal gains.

    It could work, but I'd like to see exactly the routine you'd use first.
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