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    Killer Shoulder Workouts...

    Ok, we have a lot of experienced guys on here and I think that it would be valuable for everyone to list some recent workouts that have given a good pump, strength increase, or size to their shoulders (delts / traps).

    This is a sometimes neglected area for a lot of trainees but in my opinion one of the key components to a truely impressive physique. When you see someone with bowling ball shoulders and jacked up traps it just looks "strong".

    Here are some of my favorites:

    Wrist Rotating Front Raises - Front Delts (The trick is to turn your fists down as you reach the top of the motion, so that it is almost like you are pouring out a glass of water once your arms are at 90 degrees to your body).
    Wide Grip Upright Rows / High Pulls - Traps and Rear Delts
    Non Supported Smith Machine Seated Presses - Delts (sitting on a flat bench with no back support, bar down to collar bone and full lockout, high reps with a light weight as a "finisher").
    Dumbell Military Presses - Delts (This is my "heavy" movement for shoulders, along with the wide grip upright rows).
    Shoulder "21's" - Delts (Similar to the popular biceps movement, you pick a weight that you could probably side raise for 10 strict reps and then perform seated rear delt bent over raises, seated side raises, and then standing front raises for 7 reps on each movement without any rest between sets. Another good "finisher")

    Looking forward to see what kind of other programs everyone is working with out there...
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