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Thread: Injured...out for weeks. Workout suggestions?

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    Injured...out for weeks. Workout suggestions?

    Hey guys,

    Back from the dr today, tells me my sore elbow is severe lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)...he thinks it's from heavy lifting. He's told me to lay off lifting for a few weeks or go "20% heavy"...what is that??

    Trying to think of exercises I can do in the meantime that will not put such a strain on my elbow...any suggestions?

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    When my tennis elbow would flare up I would just cut out the exercises that put a stress on it for maybe a week. Did he recommend anti-inflammatory, are you using ice? Also, they sell braces out there...I need to get one, for use at night. It basically keeps the arm straight and immobilizes it. Otherwise you could do the little velcro brace for tennis elbow. Might just do a lot of lower body work in the meantime. I do think, however, that a few weeks and 20% heavy is excessive...unless you are screaming in pain right now.
    The only good thing about my pain is that is reassures me that I'm still alive.
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