I'm a novice lifter and for the first time I had an incredible pain in my wrist while max benching last week. I use gloves but I don't use anything for wrist support.

What do you use and where can I shop to get something? I suppose a regular sports store (Dick's) may carry something. But I want something that is good quality.

I've seen videos of forearm breaks while lifting and arm wrestling. I know bones bend to a certain degree before they snap, and my wrist felt like it was going to snap. I'm aware it was also worsened because of poor technique on my part.

I had broken this wrist in the 2nd grade and it felt as if it could have easily snapped again. 3/4 of the way back up I felt it start to go so I threw it back on the bar as fast as possible but it really had me worried.

Anyways, what wrap can I use to make me less worried about weak wrists?