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Thread: *** official basketball dominance thread ***

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    *** official basketball dominance thread ***

    Advice, techniques, and in game situations are welcomed in this thread. This thread is for those that have bball knowledge, skills, and experience, but need that physical edge.

    I stopped growing at around 5'8 5'9 in soph of hs. I was a solid aau/traveling team guard and a solid jv guard. I lost the motivation during my soph year.

    After joining a church league, my love for the game has been resparked.

    Yes, i am out of shape, and i have been smoking for the last 6-7 years (im 24 now), but the game has allowed me to quit.

    my current routine-

    on odd days, no pickup games on even days.

    run pick up games from 5am - 7am
    eat a complete breakfast

    10am - 1 hit the gym:

    20 min stair machine
    20 min jog
    bench 3x15 at 115lbs
    curl 3x10 at 25lbs
    2x 30 sit ups

    some machine weights (elbow, knees, gluts)

    shoot around
    sprint baseline to baseline x 10 (small court)
    fastbreak drill x 10
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    Didn't you already start another "Official Basketball Thread?"

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    One thread is enough. If you want to start a log, it should go in the Members Journals Section

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