I have a meet on April 5th. Prior to this past Saturday, I had only benched in a shirt once. ( My meet in feb I just benched raw, but squatted and deadlifted equipped. ) When I tried a bench shirt before ( titan fury ), it didn't go very well, but I wasn't sure if the problem was just that shirt or just I needed to learn how to bench in any shirt. Anyway, last saturday one of my workout buddies let me try a few of his old shirts. I tried a katana (size 54) and really liked it. With the fury, at the bottom the shirt kind of compresses my entire upper body in a painful way that provided me little to no help. When I touched with the katana I felt like the shirt gave me a good pop off the bottom and no pain. So, I think I found the right shirt for me. Anyway back to my question. I have 3 ME bench sessions before the meet, and was wondering if you guys think it's possible to get used to the shirt in this short period of time. Also I was wondering if maybe I should change a couple of my DE bench days to ME and work the shirt twice a week ( not the week prior to the meet though ), or do you think this would be counter productive. Any advice will be appreciated.