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Thread: Brand NEW shiny Wannabebig

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    Brand NEW shiny Wannabebig

    Hi there,

    We have some exciting news – we have just launched the brand new Wannabebig -

    We have redesigned the site from the ground up - a brand new design with loads of new features and four new articles for you to get stuck into.

    For a full low down on all of the design, design changes, new features and articles, check out the announcement on Wannabebig -

    The site currently has over 50 articles, however we are in the process of adding in over 200 articles from the old site, so expect these to be back online over the next couple of weeks. We’ll also be publishing new exclusive articles on a regular basis, so keep your eye out for new ones.

    If you would like to be notified by email when we update with a new article, simply enter your email in the ‘Receive updates by Email’ section on the front page or click here to enter your email address.

    We’ll never send any spam or random emails; you’ll only get an email when we add a new article.

    Enjoy the new site and if you have any feedback, just get in touch with us via the contact form on the site.


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