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Thread: Epstein-Barr virus? aka Glandular fever aka mononucleosis

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    Epstein-Barr virus? aka Glandular fever aka mononucleosis

    I've been feeling very tired for the last ~3 weeks, the thing is I'm not weaker in the gym, mental performance is not altered (classes grades are as good as usual), it is just that I feel like I need to sleep 12 hours every day. I've never felt like this before. So basically I feel perfectly good, but at the same time extremely tired (kind of hard to explain...). I'm not losing body mass, in fact I look more muscular than ever.

    For instance, I slept about 10 hours this morning (and 12 hours the morning before), it was hard to get out of bed, and now I feel tired, yet I'm having a date tonight and I know I won't look tired to her, I don't feel sleepy yet I feel like I'd need to sleep for a couple of days (maybe that's what I need! But I won't be able to do so until at least 8 weeks from now!).

    I don't have any other symptoms.

    I have a few hypothesises:

    -The winter is so long over here (47th parallel), that I might just need a good dose of sun.

    -I've been working a lot (jobs + school) for the last two years, I currently am working 40 hours a week + full time university and I worked 7 days a week the last 2 summers.

    -I've met a woman about 8 weeks ago who complained of often being very tired. I read that glandular fever is often transmitted by kissing, and that it primarily affects my age range.

    -All of the above.

    Have any of you gotten similar fatigue?
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