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Thread: For those of you who that have to constantly eat to bulk...

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    For those of you who that have to constantly eat to bulk...

    I'm naturally skinny but I've managed to put on some mass (from 155lbs to 185lbs in about 3.5 months) and significantly improved strength but of course along with that, came the fat around abdominal area.

    Anyway, I decided to cut down and as soon as I started consuming less calories, I noticed that I couldn't lift as much as I did before and the more weight I lost, the weaker I got.

    How is it possible for a guy like me to get down to 8% body fat and still have mass? I'm back to being the slim/toned shape

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    how extreme did you do on the cut? If you have a fast metabolism you may have only needed to decrease a bit. Also, cutting from 185 how big did you expect to be after your cut? You probably would drop in the 170s.
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    How tall are you? By most standards, 185 is too small to be cutting. 200 lbs. should be a minimum weight unless you're like 5"5'.

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    You rinse and repeat. Once you get leaner again you add more, then cut, then add more, then cut. If your doing it correctly you will retain most of your strength. For example I can deadlift about 435 now down from 485 but I'm also 50lbs lighter. My squat is actually the same and my bench is up.

    That and drugs work wonders if your looking at the big ripped guys. They are on everything you can think of.
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    You also might want to try a slow bulk/slow cut. Some people do very well throwing on 50 lbs, then dropping 30 and repeating. Other people do better taking a year to gain 20 pounds and then 3 months to like 8.

    (You're kind of beginning, so I don't think you need to go as slow as the second example)
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    I just ate like there was no tomorrow, ended up putting on 70 lbs. My strength went up alot too, I also haven't lost any strength either primarily because I eat right before and after I lift. I spent less time putting on the weight than I have taking it off thats for sure. I am in this for the strength gains and health, not the looks so I really focus on my veggie and protein intake. I would say take it slow on the cutting. As you are new you may not know how your body actually operates. For example, if you find you used to lift 200 lbs while consuming 2000 cals a day and you drop to 1500 cals and can only do 180, then try upping your cals to 1800 and focus on pushing through to maintain and increasing strength without losing form and definitely try eating more food around the times you lift without going over your set calorie limit, eating directly before and after helped me a lot in maintaining strength while cutting.
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