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Thread: "Work up to -- sets max reps.."

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    "Work up to -- sets max reps.."

    Hey guys I just started trying the Westside workout and I'm a little confused as to what it means when it says "Work up to 3 sets of max reps.." or something similar.. anytime it says "work up to.."

    Does it mean you do like 5 sets of lesser weight leading up to those 3 sets?
    How do you determine where to start and how many warm up sets to work you up to your target weight...?

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    Just work up. Start with a warm up and work up to a max. Start at 95 or 135 and take 20-50 lb jumps until you get to your max sets. Try to get in about 5-6 sets working up each one before you hit the target weights.

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    If you don't know how to work up to a rep max, I'm not sure Westside is for you. Post your maxes of your big 3 and we can help you with working up to them with the appropriate weight and reps to give you a proper warm-up but not too taxing.
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