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Thread: Chest recomendations and help

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    Chest recomendations and help

    Hey guys ,

    Theres a couple things i need some help on. My chest has gotten a little bigger over some time but nothing that im proud of. Ive been doing, flat bench presses, inclines, and declines when i do my chest workout, should i keep doing that? My diet is good and i have 4+ whey protein shakes every day with healthy meals and lots of calories. Ive also starting doing deadlifts and squats to help gain mass too, does anybody know of a good chest workout to gain muscle mass really fast so my pecs can stick out?
    Im 6"3 180 lbs. Thanks... ive also been doing my bench presses with a wide grip, i feel it more in my chest.

    Any other tips appreciated too, thanks.

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    My favourite chest workout is -

    Flat Barbell Bench (Pause on chest each rep)
    2 sets of 3

    Parallel Bar Dips
    2 sets of 5

    Incline Dumbell Bench
    2 sets of 8
    Current 1RM's - Bench 264lbs (Target 308lbs)/Squat 396lbs (Target 352lbs)/
    Deadlift 429lbs (Target 440lbs)
    BIG 3 TOTAL at 220lbs (28% BF) = 1089lbs
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    My chest days are normally:

    Flat BB or DB (I mix it up)
    3 sets (say 10 reps, 7 reps, 5 reps with increasing weights).

    3 sets (like bench)

    3 sets (weighted of course)

    Its done me good, and I occassionally add flies just out of boredom.
    Summer 2009

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 195

    B: 335
    S: 340
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    If I ever did a chest workout with only 3 sets per exercise I probably wouldn't even bother going to the gym in the first place. Waist of time.

    My chest is pretty full and I do most of the same exercises, but more sets. My chest day would look something like:

    Flat bench
    225lbs 10 reps
    245lbs 10 reps
    275lbs 6 reps
    245lbs 10 reps
    275lbs 10 reps

    Decline bench
    360lbs 10 reps 4 sets

    Cable Crossovers 4 sets

    dips/weighted dips 4 sets

    Plus a few other exercises of choice. Some times I will even do 5 sets if I feel up to it. You need to remember that you are conditioning your muscles and not trying to make them explode in just a couple weeks. Once you condition yourself at a certain weight you can add weight every week or two to gain mass. Have a heavy day with maybe heavier weight but the majority of your workouts should be mid/heavy conditioning. Thats how your going to fill out. I lift alone so I don't max out that often. My max for bench was like 315 a month ago. So I conditioned at 275 for a month then lifted with a friend and did 315 4 times. Just keep lifting constant and build a plan. Have your weekly routine include heavy chest day/light bicept day and a heavy bicept day/light chest day. Also, never do tricept workouts before benching. It sucks.
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    Everybody says that my chest is my best physical feature. Incorporate dumbell exercises and also try some supersets or tri-sets. Those have really made my chest progress. Don't forget to eat plenty and good, focus on that form moreso than how much weight you're pressing.
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    Bench: 315
    Deadlift: 400
    Squat: 425


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