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Thread: 2 1/2 workout results!

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    2 1/2 workout results!

    First off, I am only 15 years old and 2 months.

    The difference made in this time was from 57-58Kg (not sure) to 60.9kg in the morning after I piss.

    Ok.. Please leave bad comments to yourself.. I know im NOTHING close to the big guys and one day I wish to be. My goals in life is to be a knoledgable personal trainer.

    My diet is as follows..

    Morning 7 : 30 - 3 Toast of Peanut butter 2 cups of milk

    Recess at school: 10 : 30 - 1 chicken sandwhich (loaded with chicken)

    Lunch 12 : 30 - Chicken roll or I'll have another chicken sandwhich.

    3: 30 - 2 Eggs and 4 slices of bacon

    5: 30 - 6:30 Workout..

    6:30 -Protein shake and 2 bananas

    9:30 Ill have maybe some pasta or a steak..

    My routine..

    Mon - Chest/tri
    Tues- Bis/Back
    Wednes - Shoulder/legs

    Most of the excersizes i do are compounds because i realised my body reacts to them very well.

    Ok.. Befor :

    2 And a half months --

    2 weeks ago..


    I dont know if this is good but yea.. comment but dont hate please..

    Btw.. Im from australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzy123 View Post
    Mon - Chest/tri
    Tues- Bis/Back
    Wednes - Shoulder/legs

    Most of the excersizes i do are compounds because i realised my body reacts to them very well.
    It's good that you've realised this. Keep at it and EAT as much as you can stuff into your face and then some. Stick at it for a year and you will see gains.

    Good luck.

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    Haha the second young australian with the word fuzzy in their username. Who'dathunkit?

    Congratulations on joing fuzzy, hope you stick with the routine man it looks pretty solid though you maybe want to through a rest day in between your working ones. I dunno what your current situation is however.

    You see the light my man! A good base of compound exercises with some isolation ones is a very good formula for growth when tied with a whole bunch of good healthy food!

    To take comparison photos you generally want to have the same poses in the same conditions. e.g. A front and back double bicep shot, a most muscular and a shot of your legs. Do these say all in your room with the lights on that way it's a fair comparison between pictures.
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