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Thread: New Sponsor - Tom Mutaffis

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    New Sponsor - Tom Mutaffis

    We are pleased to announce a new sponsor to the AtLarge camp – Strongman Tom Mutaffis.

    Tom Mutaffis is a seasoned Strongman competitor in the mold of a Marius Pudzianowski. As with Marius, Tom does not rely on sheer bulk to achieve competitive Strongman success, rather he possesses a rare combination of lean muscularity, athleticism, and raw power.

    As of late, Tom has been pushing to increase his body weight and AtLarge’s Maximum Mass Stack has been integral to his success. With it, and his unique and innovative training techniques, he has moved up to the 231 lbs weight class and very recently placed 3rd in a 48 man field at the 2008 North American Strongman National Championships. Along with the increased body weight, his strength has exploded and Tom has set a personal record in virtually every exercise!

    You can also catch Tom over at Wannabebig. He has recently written the article Strongman Technique Series and is a moderator and regular contributor to the Wannabebig Forums

    For more information on Tom, including pictures and videos, check out the Tom Mutaffis Sponsor Page.

    AtLarge Nutrition Supplements – Get the best supplements and help support Wannabebig!

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    Can I have some lean muscle & strength please? – My Training Journal

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    Tom is a great asset to the forum. Congrats Tom.

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    Congrats Tom

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    Congratulations Tom!

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    Congratulations, Tom. That's an intense look you've got on your face in that pic.
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    Thanks guys, I just noticed this thread.

    Jorge - funny you mentioned that picture. Was really psyched up at that competition and my previous best with 500 lbs on the deadlift was maybe 1-2 reps. I gave everything that I had and managed to pull out 7 reps in one minute with 500 lbs on a 2" axle bar at 200 lbs. Was also the first big contest that I won in strongman, about 4-5 months after getting into the sport (won a small contest two months prior). The picture was also in Strong! Magazine that year, which was 2006. Just figured I would share the story behind it since there is some meaning... and I swear that I don't always look like that!
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