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Thread: Tendinitis?

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    Ok, for starters I'd like to say that I've been lifting for a bit over a year. And in this time ive had several joint injuries. Two sprains in both wrists, tore a ligament in my left ankle, etc. So I'm no wimp when it comes to join pain

    However lately, my elbows have been absolutely KILLING me. It seems as if it hurts MOST when i do power cleans. The pain is random and severe. For instance, i get it a lot just from steering my wheel, or even giving someone a slight push. It's usually in my left hand, which is surprising to me since im right handed.

    These arent minor pains. They're severe, nagging pains. Ive been working out hard despite the pain. I work out 3 times a week on (what i think) a decent split.

    My question is, do you think i have elbow tendonitis? Im reading more about it because this is my body and i dont want to cause permanent damage. At the same time, i cant afford to not lift since i have meets every weeek (for instance i have one tonight). Last week after i clean and jerked 230 at my meet, my elbows hurt so bad my entire arms were shaking violently.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    What kind of routine are you doing?

    Olympic lifting routines are almost like a science and it is possible to develop tendonitis with the high volume of training.
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    I think you do have it. I've been dealing with it for more than a year and a half. Mine started with a slight pain and just continued getting worse.. At first I thought it was a strained muscle, then it just got worse and worse. My sports medicine doctor told me some of the "sure" signs of it include, extreme pain by bumping your elbow (like against a door or wall); or pain in the elbow or top of forearm when opening a can with a tab (a beer or coke).

    I tried different creams and supplements and nothing helped.. My doctor gave me cortizone shot (which was a HUGE relief, but it's only temporary). Also, he said it would last nine months to a year; it lasted less than three, but a lot of that was my fault. I didn't do the stretches or the hot/cold therapy. I take the little dixie cups (approx 2 oz.) and fill them with water and freeze them. After a workout just hold it upside down on the elbow and rub in circles until the ice is completely melted. If you use the heat, use it to warm the tendons before a workout. I have found that it's not near as important as the ice though.

    The absolute MUST DO is get an arm brace specifically for tendonitis. A good one costs around $15-$20 and worth every penny!!! Make sure you use it EVERY time you lift. I hope this helps, and I hope you use the brace...believe me, it can get much worse!!

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