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Thread: Skinny Fat Kid!?!

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    Skinny Fat Kid!?!

    Ok, here is my situation.

    I am currently 6'1 and weight 205, but it is not all solid. What I would like to do is maybe add a few pounds, but really get more defined. I am naturally thin, but the only fat I have on my body is around my waist. I have been training again for the last 3 weeks and have seen small results, as expected. Now here is my question.

    If I want to change my physique, should I eat less calories. I am currentyl eating about 3200 (based on caluclating using WBB diet section. I want to lean up and gain a little. I currently weight train using WBB routine 1 and run about 30 mins on my off days.

    I know it is still early, but I wanted a little advice from you guys. Thanks alot,

    The Skinny Fat Kid

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    keep eating, but make it good clean food, go hard on the weights and some cardio 3 times per week.

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    It's only been 3 weeks. Changing how you look takes a long time. I've been lifting for nearly a year and a half and am no where near satisfied with the way I look.

    Have you made good progression with the WBB routine already?


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