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Thread: Lose fat? Maintain muscle??!!

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    Lose fat? Maintain muscle??!!

    Hey.. I've been training for about 2 and a half months now, I'm wondering - *Im 60.5kg atm* At the end of 2 years training I reach around 75 - 80kg. but my body fat increaes say 3 - 5 percent.. Is there a way at all to lose all this added fat but still maintain my muscle gained from 2 years training?

    I heard to just lower your intake of calories so you burn more etc... but I thought you NEED calories for your muscles to survive and maintain.. well i'm not sure thats why i'm asking.

    help is appreciated.

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    The incredibly simplified answer: high protein during a caloric deficit spares your muscles from being broken down. Lifting in short, heavy and intense sessions tells your body not to chew away the muscles and use something else for fuel.
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    This was a very hard challenge to me a few years ago. Basically, I just did cardio at medium intensity, and stuffed my mouth with protein, and lifted heavy.

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    thanks.. answered my question

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