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Thread: Winter Bulk 170 to 185lbs

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    Winter Bulk 170 to 185lbs

    Hey guys, here is my bulk from 170lbs to around 185lbs since the end of last summer. I ate clean for the most part and used all of the stuff I learned on here to get me a little bigger (not big yet though). For the most part, I think I did alright and didn't gain a whole lot fat but I did gain some. Your opinions would be appreciated. I've went from 160lbs to this since I started reading WBB about 2 years back, although I havent deadlifted and squated consistently, when I do I grow like a beast!

    Last Summer

    vs Now

    Last Summer

    vs Now

    Last Summer

    vs Now

    I've enjoyed the strength gains and I will be bulking for at least another month for a few more lbs before I even think about a cut. I have gained thickness on my neck, biceps, chest, quads at least on paper. I have also seen my chest get alot thicker and alot more solid than before. It has actually started to split between the two and it feels awsome seeing myself change every week.

    Again thank you WBB!

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    You've definitely put on some size bro. Especially in your back! Great work man!!
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    Thanks man I added about 2 inches at my chest height, biceps neck quads all 1 inch but it looks much thicker. Unfortunatelly that love handles are a bitch at any weight for me! That's also where most the fat went on this bulk

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    Good job man! You look bigger but you need to pull your pants up. How are the legs?
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    LoL! thanks Zen, I don't wear my pants like that all the time I promise I use a belt lol I think I took that pic lazy last summer after getting out of bed

    Legs are alright, I've played sports my whole life so they are pretty strong. I have been up on my squatting the last few months and they are getting a little stronger. But they arent nice and cut and they are too hairy for me to post them on here. I had to trim my chest before I put that up or else it would look like a forest and I am NOT shaving my legS!

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    You beefed up your back, a lot. Nice work. Really clean bulk too.

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    Looking good dude, just spare us the ass crack next time plz
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    Definitely a big improvement in your back. Good job!

    By the way how tall are you?
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    I'm between 6'0" and 6'1"

    Thanks for the compliments guys. The bigger I get, the stronger I get and it feels like its not worth it looking cut at the expense of looking "ripped" right now so I might keep on getting bigger till next spring. I did the clean bulk eating chicken tenderloins off the foreman with clean carb sides. Clean carb sides included, whole brown rice, sweet potatoes, and beans. Really can't grow without them carbs on a bulk. Eggs/ham/cottage cheese/milk for breakfast every morning. I recently added a protein shake I sip durng times I have classes and its helped alot in gaining even more weight. Like 5 lbs in the last month. Maybe too much maybe not, anyways just info for those that were wondering. And besides that shake I sip on now the only time I took whey was after lifting.

    Sorry for the crack again.
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