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Thread: 3x5 question

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    3x5 question

    3 sets of 5 reps, is this set/rep scheme good for building mass too?(if I eat properly and enough) Or is it mainly for strength gains?

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    It is good for building mass, especially if you're new to training. It is not ideal.

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    If you eat right then you will gain mass. I dont think set/reps makes much of a difference for the average lifter wanting to put on mass.

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    zig zag your goals. Gain strength with sets of 3-5 reps/set to failure

    Then use that new strength to gain serious mass with 8-10 reps/set to failure.

    When you see gains slowing, zig back to strength, with new strength you should be able to put up a heavier weight for 8-10/to failure, which stimulates more growth.

    I used to do a couple weeks mass, a couple for strength. I am slowly coming to the mind that, for myself anyways, I should focus on one or the other for 4-6 weeks.\

    Theres no straight path to straight beastin it, its a zig zag at best. If your always trying to train for both strength and mass, most likely you will achieve substandard results.

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