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Thread: Sodium manipulation question

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    Sodium manipulation question

    I have several food allergies so I need ideas for low salt/high protein foods for when I am trying to eliminate sodium for cutting water. Unfortunately Beans, Chicken and Fish are out. Right now I am stuck with little more than oatmeal for an option. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Why are the fish, beans and chicken out? Chicken can be boiled to get rid of most of the sodium or buy fresh instead of the bagged stuff. Raw nuts are a good option. Protein shakes aren't bad. You'll never be able to cut al l the sodium out of your diet.
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    Like Ben said, buy fresh. Boil. Stay away from any pre-packed food.

    Whey/Casein, even Gemma powders should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Moore View Post
    Why are the fish, beans and chicken out?
    I am allergic to poultry, beans and fish. Can't eat them without pain, vomiting, swelling of throat, tongue, lips, rash, etc. I really don't want to cut all sodium out all the time. I just want to cut as much as I can out about 48 hours before my competition so I can drop some water weight.

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