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Thread: Mind reviewing my Crossfit Strength Routine?

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    Mind reviewing my Crossfit Strength Routine?

    G'day All,
    Recently stated in my journal that I'm not happy with my current strength levels and I don't think doing crossfit is the best thing for improving it. That being said I would like to return to crossfit, only once I have a more respectable strength base. Thus I've attempted to devise a program for myself aimed at increasing my strength and power but centred more around Crossfit lifts as opposed to the traditional big 3.

    Basically 5 days training with 2 days rest. Which day goes where depends on week by week schedule. Each day focusing on a "major" movement with an accessory movement added on as well. E.g.

    Day 1
    Squats / Kettlebell Work
    Day 2
    Press / Chinups - Rows
    Day 3
    OLY lifts / Ring Dips - Pushups
    Day 4
    Deadlift / Arm exercises (vanity!)
    Day 5
    Dynamic effort stuff (speed squats, oly form work) / "core" exercises

    I want to cycle different types of lifts throughout e.g. for day 1 in the first week I'll go heavy in front squats and next week try going heavy in back squats, one week use heavy power cleans and the next week try use heavy full snatch.

    Here's an example of a program for the week to give you an idea of volume

    Day 1
    Back Squat 5x5
    OH Squat 3x5
    KB Snatches 3x10
    KB Swings 3x10 (each arm)

    Day 2
    Strict Press 5x5
    Push Jerk 3x5
    Chinups 3x8 (can't do 10 yet...)
    Inverted Row 3x8-10

    Day 3
    Power Cleans 5x5
    Hang Snatch 3x5
    Ring Dips 5x3-4 (not very strong at these yet hence low reps higher set number)
    Pushups 3x10-15 (again 15 is about my max and crossfit often calls for much higher reps)

    Day 4
    Deadlift 5x5
    1-Leg Deadlift 3x5
    Barbell Curls 3x8
    Close grip bench or floor press 3x8

    Day 5
    Speed Squats 3x8
    Light Snatches 3x8
    Planks 3x1minute
    Crunches 3x15

    This is only an example for 1 week and I'd like to cycle exercises from week to week.

    I'd like to run the program for about 3 months and see approximately 15% increase in my 1RM (at a minimum).

    What do you think? Questions? Criticisms?

    P.s. No bench work as it's hardly ever in crossfit programming and there isn't even a bench at the gym where I train.
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