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Thread: Is something wrong with my wrists?

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    Is something wrong with my wrists?

    I've gone on spurts of lifting a couple times before now.

    Well after my first week of lifting I've been noticing these weird pains in my wrists. Weird part it that it only occurs after doing curls. After I do a set of curls, I'll lay the bar down and as soon as I release pressure I get the horrible sharp pains in both of my wrists for like 20 seconds or so. I can go bench for a full day and will not feel a single pain in my wrists, only curls. It's gotten so bad that when I lift up 45's to put on the bar, I get a couple second sharp pain in my wrists. Even after doing a set of curls I can lay the bar down, and if i don't actually release pressure, like still have force pushing upwards, I won't feel any pain. It's just after releasing pressure from curls.

    I've asked my other friends who are decent lifters, and none of them have heard of this.

    Could it be something with my wrists?

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    Are you using a straight bar or E-Z curl bar for curls? Are you using DBs?

    I would suggest stop curling for a little bit or curling differently (i.e. if you're using a BB, switch to DB).

    You're likely putting your wrists in a contraindicative position and it's causing pain. Stop doing it.

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    This exact thing happens when I curl a straight bar, or a "semi-EZ" bar. I have to curl with an EZ bar that is quite angled, or dumbells and I dont have this problem.

    Cheers progress, you nailed it
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    How many days during your first week did you do curls?

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