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Thread: One man's quest to be strong.

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    One man's quest to be strong.

    Hey guys, I finally decided to start posting a workout log so you can critique, comment, and check out my progress.

    I just started Starting Strength this past Sunday (March 22nd). And boy is it ever fun!

    I'm 5'10", and approx. 205lbs, give or take a few. I don't know my exact bf%, but if I was to guess, I'd say it's close to 20%.

    My squats and bench (with dumbbells) are approx. the same, so I'm hoping SS will change that. I had a knee injury when I while playing hockey, this had quite the affect on me. On top of that, I popped a tendon in my ankle about a year ago. This prevented me from going to the gym for about 6 months. My squat numbers are really low, and I really need to bring it back up.

    Here's my numbers so far:

    March 22nd

    Warm up:
    Working Set:

    Bench (w/dumbbells)
    Warm up:
    2x5 w/25s
    1x5 w/35s
    1x3 w/45s
    1x2 w/60s
    Working Set:
    3x5 w/80s

    Warm up:
    Working Set:
    1x3x315lbs I blotched this one up, I know it's supposed to be 1x5, but I was just spent, I'll try it again this week.
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