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    NEW garage gym

    Ok, so its almost settled, the wife and I are finalizing the lease on a new place that will allow me to drag all of my stuff out of storage and set up my own powerlifting "garage" gym.

    Heres the equipment I've got so far:
    Texas squat bar
    texas deadlift bar
    texas power bar
    Safety Squat bar
    cheaper, new york barbells 14 inch cambered bar--I'm replacing this one as soon as I bend it
    ez curl bar
    2 standard olympic bars (one cheap, one better quality)
    dragging sled
    ~600 lbs in 45 lb plates
    several 25's
    a few 35's and some others I can't remember
    glute ham raise
    tires for dragging
    various pieces of homemade strongman equipment--part of a yoke, concrete tires, pipe farmers walk impliments etc
    beltsquat/spotter platforms and Ironmind beltsquat belts
    2 sets of jumpstretch bands (one older, one brand new) and other bands
    rolling thunder
    spud straps
    an old 2x2 power rack
    situp bench/board
    various kettlebells including 2 plate loaded ones
    just over 200 lbs in chain of various sizes (1/2 inch and 5/8 inch) along with some other longer pieces for whatever

    There is some other crap equipment I'm probably going to try to sell (like a Weider smith machine/lat pulldown and some other stuff)

    I'm looking for a plate loaded/heavy duty pulldown with a low row and a 45 degree back extension, which we'll have by the time I set things up. I'd like to find used, but if I have to I'll buy new. I'm also getting 600lbs in 100 lb plates before we open the doors.

    A reverse hyper is also on the want list, but I'm torn between buying a used one, trying to build one, or getting one of the generic ones. In all honesty, I'm not willing to pay what Louie is asking for his models.

    I've got a monolift attachment to put into a 3x3 rack, but its somewhat custom made for the rack in the commercial gym I currently work out at. I'd have to modify it slightly to use in a different rack and its not adjustable for different heights without taking apart.

    Heres my question: The Williams Strength (Elitefts) monorack rack is much cheaper than getting a new 3x3 rack and a monolift with a competition spec flat dumbell bench.

    Does anyone have one of those? How do you like it? Is it worth the money? The thing looks absolutely huge. I'm not 100% sure it'll fit in the room we are putting the equipment, but i'm not above adjusting the ceiling if need be.

    Also, does anyone know can you pick something like that up straight from Williams or do you have to ship it? I'd much rather drive up to SC (I live in Alabama, so its not that far) and pick things up than pay to have it shipped and have to deal with that.

    Also, am I missing anything? I'm open to suggestions.


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