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Thread: Cutting Routine

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    Cutting Routine

    i've been bulking since about october and its went well. I was wondering how I should alter my program to cut or if I should just find a pre-made routine. This is what I'm currently doing.

    Day 1:
    -Flat Bench Press 5x5
    -Military Press 5x5
    -Incline Bench 4x6
    -Upright Rows 4x6

    Day 2:
    -Bent-Over Rows 5 x5
    -Squats 3x5
    -Bent Over Dumbell Rows 5x5
    -Deadlifts 3x5

    I have gained alot of mass with this program (from 180 to 205). I was thinking of keeping the same exercises, increasing the reps and adding in:

    -Decline Pushups

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    if you want to minimize the amount of strength you are going to lose, than you want to keep the reps low and the weights heavy.

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    I love this routine for cutting.


    OH Press

    Front Squat
    Your choice
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    You can cut using any good routine, your diet is gonna be the key.

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    Yep, your routine looks solid. I love the routines that just consist of the big movements, no messing about.

    If I was you, rather than increase volume with more exercises, I would rest less between sets and throw in some high rep sets purely to get you moving and blowing a bit. And then get everything else from diet and some cardio.

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    As Daniel mentioned the "routine" or exercise selection is not going to make much difference when you are talking about body composition. Contrary to popular believe doing isolation movements may actually be less productive because they are involving fewer muscle groups and therefore less energy is exerted.

    I would stick with the basics but perhaps raise the rep ranges enabling you to train at a faster tempo, which will keep your heart rate higher, and in turn burn more calories / fat.

    Diet is going to be the most important factor here though.
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    if you do a lot of reps you have to eat a lot to replace the lost glycogen. Since you're not eating a lot because you're on a cut, you will end up overtraining yourself. That is why people suggest to do very few reps but very intense (high weight) for a cut. That will deplete much less glycogen and allow you to retain your strength while on your cut. This is how it has been explained to me at least by the dudes that bench for warmups what I deadlift

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhymenocerous View Post
    if you want to minimize the amount of strength you are going to lose, than you want to keep the reps low and the weights heavy.
    Yeah, that's right

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    thanks for the advice...
    approximately how much cardio should i be doing?
    i was thinking maybe fifteen minutes a day? i want to maintain as much muscle mass as possible

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    Squat rack or bench.
    15 minutes of low intensity cardio (ie, walking on the treadmill, or bike) won't hurt. most people don't find it necessary, but if you want to burn a few extra calories, you can do so at the end of your workout.
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    *While on the topic of muscle confusion, and how often a routine needs to be changed.*

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