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    Jason's DC Training Log

    I've been slacking with the intensity levels in the gym so I'm hoping this journal will help me make some improvements. My diet is as follows.

    Meal 1: 4 whole eggs, 2 packets low sugar oatmeal in milk, 1 piece of toast with butter, glass of OJ, and 1 scoop whey
    Meal 2: 2 scoops whey mixed with milk, 1 large apple
    Meal 3: 8 oz. chicken breast cooked in olive oil, 1/4 of a box of multigrain angel hair pasta, parmesan cheese
    Meal 4: same as 2
    Meal 5: 8 oz. ground turkey, 2-3 slices of whole grain bread
    Meal 6: 8 oz. tilapia (sp?), 1.5 cups broccoli
    Meal 7: Same as 2 without the apple or possibly some cottage cheese
    On workout days I have around 50 grams waxy maize mixed with OJ as well followed by a shake. I like to keep it as simple and easy as possible so I eat the same everyday.

    As for supplements I've been taking ZMA at night, creatine, buzzsaw pre workout, and some vitamin d and c. I've really been more diet-driven the past few months and have stayed clean of any "super supps". However I'm curious to what type of drugs are available legally (told my girl someday I'd stay clean for good, once we were married) so I'm going to be taking H-Drol by CEL for the next 4 weeks and see how it works out. I've only heard good things, dry gains, no bloat, very few sides if any at all, and very easy recovery.

    As for my training I attached my newest DC spreadsheets that I'm just starting this week. I also do around 30 minutes low intensity cardio on my off days, I might even start doing some HIIT on my lifting days as well, around 10 minutes or so. I'm hoping in the next month I gain muscle as well as lean up a little bit. I posted a couple pics from yesterday but I still need to take some leg pics, I'll get around to it at some point. I'll consider these pics my official starting point.
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