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Thread: I need advice, coming on a crossway

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    I need advice, coming on a crossway

    Hey whats up guys, so Ive been hitting the gym pretty regurlaly (every day with a rest day)for about three months and have been getting great results having lost 20 pounds overall and increased my strenght.

    Im looking for some advice tho, because since i have been going to the gym so often i have come to be a tad burned out and Im expierimenting with my routine in order to give some more excitement. When i began, i was doing about ten minutes of cardio before and after each day of chest/back, bis/tris, and shoulders/abs with some legs and heavier cardio on the fifth.

    I cant maintain that workout because im stuck in there for about 2 hours every day and its hard to do my other activities. So about two weeks ago i switched it up to chest/tris, back/bis, shoulders/abs and some legs with heavier cardio as previos. This was ok, but it turns out that since im working those bigger muscle groups i kinda neglect the the smaller ones (bis and tris) cause im so tired.

    So now im thinking of doing, keep in mind that id like to lose around ten more pounds, the next routine. Id start with chest/abs, slightly longer cardio and bis, then chest/abs, then again slightly lighter cardio with tris, then shoulder/legs.

    Can i get some suggestions on how to improve that


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    i meant back/abs after cardio and bis

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    Have a look at either Baby Got Back or WBB1.1. Both of these routines are fantastic and are fairly short (I managed to keep them so when I was doing them anyway). Maybe you're resting too long between sets?

    Also, you made the comment that you have begun to neglect the other muscle groups (the smaller ones) because you feel tired. If you're no longer performing as well on these exercises it's probably because the muscle has already been stressed to some degree by the previous exercises.
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    Squat rack or bench.
    first of, you're focusing too much on the smaller muscle groups.
    don't do legs sometimes, get it in your routine.
    something like chest/tris, legs/shoulders/abs, back/bis. legs are half your body, and have half the growth hormones which need to be released. also, when doing push movements (ie. bench, push press) that are targeting your chest, you are automatically targeting your tris as a secondary muscle. same goes for back, on a pull day (rows, pull-ups, etc.) you target your back, and your bis will be targeted in the process. lastly, for legs, when you do compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, power cleans, you work your core as well.
    my advice, don't worry about the arms, or the abs too much. and just focus on big compound lifts that work multiple muscle groups. this will reduce time spent in the gym, and be much more effective than isolations. it's with this that i advise you to look at the routines posted on this site (such as WBB, or BGB) or even look into Starting Strength.
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    I just give the worked on muscle group tough riddles before my workouts... or sometimes I'll tell them we're going to the park and then go to the gym, or visa versa. They start to catch on so you have to tell the truth every so often.
    *While on the topic of muscle confusion, and how often a routine needs to be changed.*

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    Drop the cardio alltogether, and maybe do 25 mins on your off day(s).

    Make legs day: DAY 1
    Since you dont like it, probably means you suck at legs, since you suck at them, this is your biggest opportunity to see some real growth!
    So much potential in them legs, go out there and hit them.
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