Vincent and Matt will be hosting a seminar in the near future going over some very important topics for the powerlifters of today. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend going to get some personal instruction from both these guys

Dizenzo Long Island Bench Seminar

Vincent Dizenzo and Matt Rhodes will be holding a bench press seminar on Saturday, May 9th at World Gym in West Babylon, NY (Long Island). This seminar will entail a comprehensive presentation by Vincent and Matt, followed by a Q&A.

The second half of the seminar will involve a hands-on training session where you’ll be coached directly by Matt, Vincent and 500+ pound raw bencher Kenny Hinchman. You’re welcome to bring gear for this workout.

Note: This seminar will be limited to 21 attendees, and will be sold out well in advance of the event date.

The seminar portion will cover:

• Equipped Benching
• Raw Benching
• Programs
• Technique
• Diet
• Supplementation
• Recuperation

Vincent Dizenzo has recorded both an 800 pound equipped bench and a 600 pound raw bench. He’s a multiple-time world record holder who’s known as one of the most explosive bench pressers in the world.

Matt Rhodes is a tremendous resource for seminar attendees by bringing that hard-to-find mix of both real-world coaching and athletic experience. Matt also earned his elite lifting status as well as Best Lifter designation in the 308 weight class at the APF Imperium in May 2006.

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009
Time: 9:30 AM
Location (click on link): 207 Little East Neck Road, West Babylon, NY
Information: Please call (631) 612-1049
Price: $75 Check or money order (no credit cards. Please make checks payable to Kenneth Hinchman, and mail to:

World Gym
c/o Kenneth Hinchman
207 Little East Neck Road
West Babylon, NY 11703