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Thread: Consuming a lot of food

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    Consuming a lot of food

    Hi all,

    Firstly, I don't seek to cause trouble. This is genuine question, the thought is constantly on my mind.

    I know this question is somewhat controversial, but I need to ask maybe I'll feel content after I've heard peoples responses.

    People are dying across the world, there are homeless people in every nation, country, you name it. Do you guys think it's ethical to consume x meals per day when there are people struggling to even get a meal, I personally feel it's somewhat wasteful, but that's just me. A friend of mine told me he feels hungry, I don't believe it, 6 meals is far too much - big or small.

    I used to train when I was slightly younger, around the age of 18, and this thought never crossed my mind.

    Thank you all, I look forward to replies.
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