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Thread: Warm up for beginners

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    Warm up for beginners

    I was wondering what sort of warm ups should I follow as a beginner following Beginner Strength? I normally just stretched the muscle groups that I'll be focusing on, and that's it.

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    This is how I warm up for most exercises. I take these percentages based on what weights I'll be using that day. It doesn't really matter what sets and reps, I just need the number. So if I wanted to bench press 3 sets 5 reps w/ 200, my warm up sets would look like:

    50% of 200 x5
    95%x1 this is optional sometimes I skip this part and jump straight to my sets based on my feeling that day

    Everybody has their own way of warming up, but that is how I do it.
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    It also depends on how you feel. Some times, my normal warm up doesn't feel like it's enough, so I'll do more. Otherwise, something like MPB said. This will change for you as the weights get heavier, as well.
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    I'll generally start pretty darn light and do an approximate 20% increase each set until I hit my workout weight. Typically I'll do 5 warmup sets.

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    I just hop on the treadmill for a few minutes then do a few dynamic movements(hip swings, arm circles, mountainclimbers, etc.) to get the blood going and everything lose. Then i'll do gradual warmup sets of the specific exercise like the posts above, increase weight as reps decrease.
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