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Thread: How much does a full meet train your deadlift?

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    How much does a full meet train your deadlift?

    The deadlift is always the last in line in a full meet. Do you feel like a full meet drains your deadlift pretty heavily, or are most of you still able to set PR's or at least nail what you were able to hit in the gym without all the exhaustion of a full meet's attempts?
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    I dont find it to bad, more or less all of my best pulls have been in meets.

    Just got to make sure you are eating enough throughout the meet, a few energy drinks keep me going as well. At a meet your adrenaline is high and you should be focused, so you should be fine.
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    I agree with selk. I haven't found it to be an issue at all so far. This may be partly because I'm not a great deadlifter anyway, or because I've always been in light weight classes with decent GPP, so I just don't feel too worn out by the time deadlifting begins. In general I pull my best at the meet.

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    I've also pulled many pr's at meets.

    I think there are going to be many many factors that determine how well you will deadlift come meet day.

    It will depend on how you trained leading up to the meet, meet day nutrition, hydration, nerves, and length of meet.

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    At my meet yesterday ( AAPF nationals ), I was feeling pretty drained by the time deads started ( partially due to life stresses and not sleeping well before the meet ), but I was still able to set a small deadlift PR. For me anyway, it seems the intensity of the meet helps overcome feeling tired from squatting and benching.

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    I always deadlift better at the meet. The full deload before a meet makes a huge difference for me.
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    like ryan said i find eating right at the meet makes a big difference but i don't use energy drinks.

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    I don't think it is that big of a deal, as long as you are rested and well hydrated.

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    Deadlift pr's all around

    NO PROBLEM WITH DEADLIFT PR'S IN FULL MEETS Trained well up to the meet on all three lifts in the garage or gym. Have hit at or near projected DeadLifts................The Meet does not start till the Bar Hits the Floor AnyWay.........................

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    If you are eating right you should be fine. My first meet I made the MISTAKE of drinking a few redbulls before squats and by the time Deadlifting came around I was really tired. But that was an event in a military compound overseas that had 100+ lifters from diferent countries and lasted 14 hours non stop. Still took first in the 220.
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    By the time the deadlift comes around I'm usually JACKED UP on caffeine. I have always exceeded my expectations and pulled PRs at meets. Even when my squat and bench are ****ty and weak (because of poor rehydration, lack of rest, etc.) I still manage to psych myself up for the deadlift. The deadlift is a brute strength lift (more so if you pull conventional) and as long as you are in the right frame of mind you'll have a great deadlift.
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