i've been giving out samples of the cookie dough bars both at work in the gym, to my clients, and i will be bringing some to the show of hands this saturday for everyone to try! I'll be honest... it's been very hard to put them aside for samples and not eat them like candy. VERY low carb, very filling, tastes FANTASTIC and they don't have the chalky taste that most meal replacement bars do and with 36 grams of protien..they deliver more bio-available macros than any other bar on the market that i've sampled! AWESOME BARS CHRIS! Also for those trying to watch their diet but are having a hard time giving up the sweet stuff like me.. i've been having a cookie dough bar as a replacement for cookies and candy bars with a glass of milk a day and it's much easier to leave the bad stuff be when i have these on hand. i keep a few in my office at work for when i can't make lunch with back to back clients and my girlfriend even has them stashed in her purse now whenever i get dragged along on "shopping trips" and start to get cranky from lack of food 6 hours in.. guys i know you know what i'm talking about!