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Thread: Mass/Size and Strength Training Routine

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    Mass/Size and Strength Training Routine

    Hey Guys, Ive searched but my search function must be screwed up because it always says there is no available matter what i search it does that. But anyways i was hoping some of you could help me.

    Im 16, 6 ft 1 230 pounds and i play football, I play all the OL and DL positions. Im looking for a good routine/program that will help me get bigger and stronger. Every workout im going to add in Plyos for a warm up and some stretching at the end of the workout. From Now (April) to the end of may im working on just getting bigger faster stronger and more in shape and in June and July im working on Explosivness.

    Any help here would be deeply appreciated.

    I forgot to add that I have been lifting seriously for about a year or so. My max bench is 225, Squat is 350, Clean is 210, Push Press is 195, and Hex Bar DL is 440.
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