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    MonStar's Journal...

    I have decided to start another, hopefully my laste final and lengthy, online journal here at WBB. I know that I have been bouncing from journal to journal to journal and from diet to diet to diet to diet and everything like that. Ill probably hear a lot of sh*t.

    Please I am asking you all here at WBB that if you dont have anything nice or constructive to say please just dont post anything at all. I appreciate that. I am not going to give any links or anything like that to my other NHE (Natural Horomonal Enhancement), and CID (Cyclical Isocaloric Diet) journals, because I want a fresh clean start.

    Currently my goals are a little bit of fat-loss, in my stomach and my chest area, and other than that gaining strength. Ill have my strength goals posted in another post.

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