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Thread: So You Want To Hit a PR?

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    So You Want To Hit a PR?

    So You Want To Hit a PR? - written by Tom Mutaffis

    You know that feeling when you walk into the gym and everything just seems to fall into place? The weights that you have attempted countless times in the past feel like a warm-up, and personal records (PRs) are set and eclipsed with ease!

    PRs allow you to measure progress, configure goals, and serve as a tremendous motivator. However, setting a PR is not just a matter of getting lucky or “having a good day”.

    There are 5 main factors that you can control......

    Click here to read the article

    P.S - a big thnks to Tom for writing the article for us!

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    Nice article, Tom.
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    Excellent write-up, Tom.
    Give chalk a chance.

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    Good information! Thanks Tom.
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    Thats awesome, thanks Tom!

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    Thanks guys.

    It is a valuable piece to have in your arsenal when you can hit PR's on command. This is what drives strength athletes and even bodybuilders in a way - you have to know how to get your body to peak so that you can consistently take things to the next level.

    Hopefully everyone finds this article to be helpful and a few people are able to go out and set some new PR's!
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    Thanks a bunch, tom!
    This gave me a lot of insight, im going to try and set my PR for dead lifts two weeks from now (Dead Lift of 225)

    The information was great...thanks again!
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    Matt Wright
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    Nice read. Will be in my mind tomorrow when I go for a bench PR

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