It's official, the Novus Protein bars are a hit!

Since the launch of the Novus Protein bar (only 3 weeks ago!), we have been blown away with how quickly everyone has been ordering them and even more blown away by how overwhelmingly positive the response from our customers has been.

Dont get us wrong, we knew Novus bars were high quality and tasted great, however its one thing knowing that and another thing people buying them and loving them. Well, were pleased to say that they are proving very popular and we wanted to share some of the feedback with you.

You can find a couple of reviews from customers below and for more reviews, check out the Novus Protein Bars review page. You can also see what the members of the Wannabebig Forums have to say by checking out this discussion thread

Customer Reviews

Dear At Large Nutrition

Hey Guys - Just wanted to say congrats on the recent development of the Novus bar. We label reading fanatics often struggle to find supplement bars that:

  • Are Low in sugar
  • Contain a high amount of QUALITY protein
  • Have workable calories for those trying to cut weight
  • Still manage to taste great!

The Novus bar has managed to check all those boxes, and at a fair price as well.

From a mobile guy who understands the value of a portable "snack", many thanks for another supplement that not only packs a respectable nutrition label, but one that I can look forward to consuming as well!

P Daly
Rochester, MN


Dear At Large Nutrition

AtLarge, you guys have done it again... this time with protein bars. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at the thought of a protein bar after sampling some of the popular bars on the market. Most of the bars that are appealing to the taste buds at all are glorified candy bars, and those with decent macronutrients taste like biting into the block of chalk in my gym bag. But, as a loyal AtLarge customer, I had to give them a shot.

You guys have found the perfect medium. The Mint Cookie flavor reminds me of biting into a York peppermint patty. It has a nice, soft consistency to it and is a protein bar I actually enjoy eating. The macronutrients are superior to any other bar as well.

I am not a HUGE protein bar guy, but these are amazing. They are perfect for emergencies when I don't have any food on me. I will be keeping a few in my backpack for in between classes and a few stashed at work as well.

Great job guys!!!

L Green
Knoxville Tennessee


For more reviews, check out the Novus Protein Bars review page