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Thread: lots of gear for sale.

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    lots of gear for sale.

    I've got a crap load of metal gear I need to get rid of from some dramatic weight loss lately. Needless to say I need to sell this stuff to purchase more gear.
    1 new pair of metal pro briefs. 46.
    1 pair of metal pro briefs. (used) 48.
    1 metal pro suit w/ custom velcro straps by Ginny Philips. 56.
    1 brand new ace pro squatter. 54
    1 metal pro bash shirt used twice only in training. 54.
    1 metal pro kind deadlift suit used in one meet. 54.
    All of this gear is in very good condition, still tight, and aside from the DL suit none of it has seen the platform. I really need to get rid of this stuff to get more gear. so ill sell the briefs and the DL suit for $100 each. The ace suit $200. And the pro bash $180. If anyone is interested e-mail me.

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    i'm 200 lbls 5'8 if the briefs would fit then i'll probly buy them.

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