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Thread: Critique my workout

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    Critique my workout

    I lift heavy
    only compound movements

    15-18 sets /day

    2 days on 1 day off.
    Taking an extra day off when I feel like it, once or twice a month.

    I eat a lot, like, a lot. Like, the number on the scale goes UP every couple days, or else I eat more until it does.

    I take a multi, and creatine, and a huge PWO shake.

    Rate my routine? xx/10
    I am primarily a bodybuilder, not a PL. Any advice given will be from the primary POV of a bodybuilder, and not a PL.
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    Seeming as just about everything you have either told me, or I've read that youve posted, has either helped me, or been excellent advice, I would say probably 10/10, if it's working for your goals...
    "We get stronger by improving our weaknesses" - Detard

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    If I gained weight that fast, I'd be fat as ****. But if you can do it without becoming a lardo, go ahead.

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    Can't really rate it but if it's working then that is what counts. You have any pictures 6'7" almost 400 would love to see those.
    Remember, to get big, you have to get strong. The two are interconnected. Lift heavy, work hard, and size will come. Like night follows day. It works. Arnold
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