I am a firefighter, currently volunteer in two relatively busy companies, and I am taking the next couple of tests coming up for paid companies. I work out a few times a week, but recently I have hit a plateau. I was wondering if anyone has heard of any good firefighter related workouts or would be able to help me out making my own. Obviously my goals are raw strength and endurance, and I do not need to focus on size or definition. My current workout is as follows:

Day 1

BB Bench 4x5
Incline Bench 3x7
Pec. Flys- 2x8
Decline Pec. Flys 2x8
Incline Pec. Flys 2x8
Tri. Pulldowns- 3x6

Day 2

Chin Ups (3 sets until failure)
Pull ups (2 sets until failure)
Wide grip chin ups (1 set)
Close grip chin ups (1 set)
Dead lifts 3x5
BB Rows 3x8
Shrugs 3x6
Bicep curls 3x8
Lateral BB raises

Day 3 is a repeat of day 1
Day 4 is a repeat of day 2
Days 5,6, and 7 are days off

Following each workout I do a few sets of decline sit ups and back extensions, then either bike, jog, or run bleachers for 20 min.

I try to keep the breaks in between sets very short, and I usually complete the lifting portion of my workout in 30-45 min.

I know it's a lot to ask, but any critique/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks