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Thread: Bench Form/Speed Check

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    Matt Wright
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    Bench Form/Speed Check

    I took some vids of myself today to self-check my form, and I have noticed quite a few things I need to work on. Mostly, my set-up and my leg drive. But I figured that you guys might have some more advices for me.

    This was DE day and my max is 230. I am also not sure if I'm pressing fast enough. I know I'm too slow on the decent, but that's because I'm working on my form still.

    These are just some random sets. Sorry for the long set-ups. I'm still getting used to the powerlifting form.

    skip to 0:28
    skip to 0:11
    skip to 0:16
    skip to 0:35

    This one is just I decided to post for amusement. Like I said, I wasn't planning on posting any videos, but I figured I could use the advice. This one is the last set of DB presses, and my set-up was a little goofy. When I looked at the vid later, I laughed my ass off at myself! It's the first part of the vid that is funny. The last part is just me struggling through the last reps, as my hernia was starting to hurt worse midset. Feel free to make fun of me.
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